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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The devils Birthday! lol

So today I took my little sister to get her Halloween costume right,
so were at the store and shes walking around.
"I want this one!'
she gets a witch costume and trows it over her shoulder.
"oooh or maybe this one"
She gets a princess costume and compares the two.
Then she remembers that she needs candy
"in case kids come to our house"
she takes the two costumes with her and proceeds over to the candy section.
She gets a few bags of candy and thinks about which one she should get.
 I'm just standing there when this little girl, out of nowhere comes up to my sister and asks
"why are you getting so many candy bags?"
My sisters says,
"Tomorrow is Halloween! Don't you celebrate Halloween?"
The little girl tells my little sister
"Oh, we don't celebrate Halloween, thats the devils birthday!"
It was funny because my little sister turns to me and I look at her and we don't say anything we just walk away.
She decided to be a witch by the way.